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Introducing new API endpoint GET /search_episode_titles

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new API endpoint: GET /search_episode_titles. This endpoint enables (relatively) precise searching of podcast episodes based solely on their titles. It's available across all API plans (FREE, PRO, ENTERPRISE). It has two optional parameters:

  • podcast_id: Filter search within a specific podcast.
  • podcast_id_type: Choose from listennotes_iditunes_idspotify_id, or rss.

Use Case Example:

This new endpoint facilitates features like "import an episode from other podcast apps to your app." Users can, for instance, import episodes from Spotify/Apple Podcasts and then fetch episode metadata (e.g., audio url) via Listen API.

How Does This Differ from GET /search?

  • Simplicity: The new endpoint focuses solely on episode titles, eliminating the need for multiple parameter tuning.
  • Performance: The dedicated function allows for optimized search performance, because it searches only episode titles, rather than searching multiple fields with GET /search.
  • Future Improvement: Provides room for specific enhancements without complicating the existing GET /search endpoint.

Important Caveat:

While useful, this endpoint isn't a universal solution for matching known episodes across different apps due to the lack of unique episode IDs. Developers should implement a fallback (e.g., show a list of recent episodes of a podcast) or final confirmation mechanism for end-users.

SDK Update:

If you're using one of our language-specific SDKs (e.g., pythonnodejsphp...), please update to the latest version to utilize this new feature.

We look forward to seeing the innovative ways you'll make use of this new capability. Thank you for your continued support and partnership.